The FlashMonsters!!! Blog is designed to promote Flash Fiction with the energy that we’ve experienced in our writer’s group in the year of Covid. We are not another journal, but a gallery for appreciating and discussing stories published in other journals by the group and by other writers drawn to the Monster spirit. 

Al Kratz is doing the Web Monster work under the guide of his fellow Monsters.

Origin Story

Sometime in the beginning of the pandemic, Leonora Desar said, “Hey, who want’s to do one of those video zoom things?”

“Heck yeah, I do,” a bunch of us said.

And then we got together and shared stories about quarantine and gave each other prompts and deadlines, read our stories, read stuff we were reading and wanted others to hear, and somewhere in there someone called the group the Flash Monsters.

And because Al was reading a book called Treasure Island!!! we got exclamation mark envy and our group became Flash Monsters!!!

And one time Leonora was supposed to win a prize for guessing the title of the story Al read to the group from the short list of titles at Bath Short Story Award, but all Al had for the prize was an old dog biscuit his dog Trixie had buried in his office sometime before January of 2020 because that’s when she died.

And one time we were on a group messenger chat sharing stories of submission success and failures and Leonora said we need a Monsters Review!!! And we decided we could either make up names for our masthead and publish ourselves or we could go legit and publish ourselves or we could publish whatever the heck we wanted as long as it was in the Monsters spirit.

All of this is to say we’re going to do what we want. We want to Monster and we hope you do too.


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