Leonora Desar

Leonora Desar is a fiction writer, failed poet, and advice columnist. Her first foray into the literary world was at age 16. She was hired—for ten dollars—to read her poetry at an East Village café. Though it remains the most she’s ever been paid for poetic work, the crowd was unenthused and talked over her.… Read More Leonora Desar

Taylor Byas

Taylor Byas is a Black poet and essayist. Originally from Chicago, she moved to Alabama for six years, where she received both her Bachelor’s degree in English and her Master’s degree in English (Creative Writing concentration) from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Taylor currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio where she is a second year… Read More Taylor Byas

Moisés R. Delgado

Moisés R. Delgado is a queer Latinx writer from the Midwest. His prose appears in or is forthcoming from The Pinch, Puerto del Sol, Passages North, Pidgeonholes, Homology Lit, and elsewhere. Moisés can often be found dancing on the moon. We’re happy to have got the chance to interview Moisés and to re-present writing of his from Passages North. One… Read More Moisés R. Delgado

Jasmine Sawers

Originally from Western New York, Jasmine Sawers now lives and writes outside St. Louis. Her work has appeared in such publications as Ploughshares, Fairy Tale Review, and [PANK]. She is a proud Kundiman fellow and graduate of the MFA program at Indiana University. She can be followed on Twitter @sawers. We’re happy to interview her here and republish… Read More Jasmine Sawers

‘Little Feasts’ by Jules Archer Reviewed by Al Kratz

Jules ArcherPaperback | 82 Pages 978-1-7345158-0-0 | First Edition | $16.99Thirty West Publishing House| BUY HERE Don’t let the title fool you. Little Feasts is a huge serving of robust storytelling. In these nineteen short-stories, averaging about four pages each, Archer works fast and forceful, with premises that are funny and new, shocking but never… Read More ‘Little Feasts’ by Jules Archer Reviewed by Al Kratz

Upfurler by A.E. Weisgerber

Nobody understood this could be a thing, until they saw jumpers at a certain height, five hundred eleven feet, tumble upward. Unlike fallers, upfurlers didn’t make spectators jerk their shoulders in revulsion or crunch up faces to stave off crying. Seeing upfurlers made the emergency responders slack-jawed the way a miracle can. Like if you woke… Read More Upfurler by A.E. Weisgerber

Alpha by Francine Witte

This story was first published in Midway as Third Place in their contest and was named a finalist at Best Small Fictions 2018. After watching the nature channel, you decide to go live with the bears.  You like their simple simplicity.  Mouthsalmon, tree paw, and backscratch.  You won’t miss the human things, the traffic, the… Read More Alpha by Francine Witte

The Grill by Lucien Désar

I was barreling down the 101 at four o’clock in the morning when I got off the exit for Santa Monica boulevard. I waited at the light at the off-ramp and veered left towards West Hollywood. One advantage of working a ridiculous shift was that I didn’t have to deal with traffic, the trade-off; all… Read More The Grill by Lucien Désar

Simon Hangs A Fingerpainting While Happenstance Glows Like Earthshine by Pat Foran

This story was first published in Whiskey Paper on September 15, 2017. Happenstance sits up straight, paw over paw, on a hammock that hangs between two lemon trees. A white and tan-patched Jack Russell with a thistle nose, Happenstance is an expressionist in space, panting, gently, and swaying, gently, in the Atlantic sea breeze. She’s… Read More Simon Hangs A Fingerpainting While Happenstance Glows Like Earthshine by Pat Foran